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We have changed our name to The Arts Society Dover Deal & Sandwich.




Dear Members

As we approach Easter we now accept that it’s not going to be the same. Churches and other places of worship closed, and lockdown prevents us from visiting families and friends, as well as being unable to visit heritage and other national treasures during this glorious weather. So we now need to resort to other means of connecting with each other and sharing our thoughts about the arts and the pleasure it brings us. I expect you have received The Arts Society Monthly Highlights for April. This arrived by email on Tuesday and it is packed with interesting ways for members to connect and share arts related issues. It reveals a new community website called The Arts Society CONNECTED. I strongly recommend you take time to access some of the things it contains put together by head office. For example, I have just watched on my computer and Smartphone a fascinating talk by Dr Jacqueline Cockburn on Las Meninas by Velazquez, a talk she was going to give at the AGM at Malaga. This is one of a series of films by accredited lecturers to be held over the next few weeks. You can check out Instagram posts on many artists and art forms, and even enjoy instant E-lectures. If you want to know five top facts on Andy Warhol then this is the way to find out!

Now, let me be honest, I am not good at accessing and using social media which is so much a part of people’s lives these days but I did find the wide range of activities on the CONNECTED website relatively easy to manage. I hope you do even if there is some trial and error!

Following the cancellation of the April, May and June lectures, and the Study Day and outings to the National Gallery and to Restoration House at Rochester, the committee has been hard at work to ensure that we are well positioned once the restrictions are over to continue where we left off in March. Jac Dunay, our Programme Secretary, has re-arranged for the lecturers to return in our 2021/22 series and also Andy McConnell to run a Study Day on “5,000 Years of Glass” in the Spring next year. We are immensely grateful to Jac and also the lecturers for their flexibility. The committee was very aware these abrupt cancellations could cause some hardship and following a suggestion by Sandra, our Secretary, it was agreed that we should make a gesture of goodwill to each of the three lecturers by offering a sum of money to be paid now and recouped in due course from their invoice when they deliver their respective lectures. All three when contacted expressed their appreciation, two taking up the offer and the other declining but grateful for the gesture.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us there had been considerable unease in societies following an unexpected announcement by the AS Trustees that Church Recording would no longer receive head office support on the grounds, somewhat spurious to many minds, that there is no public charitable benefit in its continuance. The response was one of disbelief that without consultation an important plank of AS society activity has been removed and left many involved in current projects, including our own at St. Nicholas, Sholden, uncertain whether or not to continue with local support. In the same announcement it was learned that the term Young Arts is to be replaced by Arts Volunteering. It may seem innocuous enough but it removes the emphasis on support specifically for young people between the ages of 16-24 years. As you know Mike (Judd) works tirelessly to engage schools, colleges, school children, art galleries and the like to be involved and to support young people interested in the arts, drama, sculpture, music and much more. Unfortunately, the decision is not for turning. Your committee will continue its support of young people and also look at the wider aspects of Arts Volunteering.

I join the committee to wish everyone in the Dover Deal and Sandwich society a blessed Easter, and hope that you keep safe and well in these most difficult of times when social contact which is part of the raison d’etre of AS is not easy to pursue. Do please let us know if members are suffering from the virus so we can do whatever is possible to show our support.

Thank you.



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A new website  has been set up by HQ which offers a great deal of information.  By accessing it, you can watch lectures given by accredited speakers on their specialist topics.  It really is worth looking at and exploring and the talks could provide a stimulating substitute for our monthly lectures during these strange times of lockdown

The website address is:











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