A new website  has been set up by HQ which offers a great deal of information.  By accessing it, you can watch lectures given by accredited speakers on their specialist topics.  It really is worth looking at and exploring and the talks could provide a stimulating substitute for our monthly lectures during these strange times of lockdown

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Lectures are in the Guildhall, Sandwich at 11.00 am. Coffee is served from 10.15 until 10.45am. Please be seated by 10.50am. Members are welcome to bring guests to lectures by prior arrangement with the Membership Secretary.

December 3rd

A Dickens of a Christmas and God Bless Everyone
Bertie Pearce

January 7th 2020

 Artemisia Gentileschi

In a letter dated 1649 she wrote “And I will show what a woman can do” and she did. She rose to become the first female member of the Florentine Academy counting the Medici, King Phillip of Spain and King Charles 1st among her patrons although less than 40 paintings have been attributed to her. In addition to the paintings, the lecture draws on her correspondence and other documents.

Bernard Allen

February 4th 2020

Edward Bawden Artist and Adventurer

Illustrator and teacher – yet he remains an elusive figure. Today he is remembered for linocuts and humorous illustrations. During the 1930s he barely left his home in Great Bardfield but in 1940 he embarked on a career as a war artist. When his paintings became less popular he began making prints on an epic scale.

James Russell

March 3rd 2020

The Glasgow Girls

A group of women artists and designers studied and worked in Glasgow at the turn of the 20th century. They contributed significantly to the development of the Glasgow style, a distinctive branch of the Art Nouveau movement. Several of the girls contributed work to the suffragette banners and jewellery.

Elaine Hansen

April 7th 2020 (Postponed to 2020-2021)

When the “Widow of Windsor “met the “Jersey Lily

When her beloved Albert died in 1861 Queen Victoria donned widows’ weeds and gave into a fascination with death. Edward Vll had a glamorous wife and a glamorous mistress (Lillie Langtry). Her thoughts, emotions and account of the dress of the day in 1876, when presented to the Queen, form the core of this lecture.

Jacqui Ansell

May 5th 2020 (Postponed to 2020-2021)

Post-war Australian Art

Western Art from “Down Under” is often overlooked and neglected but a large number of talented artists rose to prominence in the post World War ll era. Knowledge of several of these Australian painters is essential to our understanding and appreciation of the modern art of Australia and its place in the history of Western Art.

Paul Chapman

June 2nd 2020 (Postponed to 2020-2021)

Women Artists of the 1930

Tirzah Garwood was the wife of Eric Ravilious. Before she was 22 she was making bold intricate wood cuttings. When Ravilious died, in 1942, Tirzah began making collages and oil paintings.

Suzana Cooper was showing wood engravings in West End Galleries before World War ll. When the war came she married and laid aside her artistic ambitions. Her first solo show in 2018, 25 years after her death, at the Fry Gallery was greeted by critics as rare and exciting.

Lucy Hughes-Hallett

September 1st 2020

Frederick Leighton and Leighton House

At the time of his death, Frederick Leighton was the most celebrated artist of his generation.  This lecture explores Leighton’s life and work, his dramatic debut at the Royal Academy, and the construction of his studio–house in Kensington and his rise to international fame and recognition with the story of Flaming June and how it came to be in the Ponce Museum in Puerto Rico.

Daniel Robins

October 6th 2020

The Bauhaus 1919-2019 A Hundred Years of Modern Design

Founded in the wake of World War l under the leadership of Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus strove to create a design ethos of a brave new world.

Anne Anderson

November 3rd 2020

Food in Art

From art which decorated the places where people ate, the lecture looks at how the activities of trading in food and its preparation and cooking have been made the subject of paintings.

Alan Read

December 1st 2020

A Brief History of Wine

Wine has been part of global society for over 7000 years. The story tells of its origins and appearance in all societies across the Mediterranean and throughout Europe from the kwevris of Georgia in 5000BC to the symposia in ancient Greece, from the thermopolia in Pompeii to the hospices of Europe and thus to the tables of fine dining, wine has been ever present.

David Wright

January 5th 2021

Frida Kahlo. A Life in Art

Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo, 1907- 1954, was often associated with the Surrealist Movement.   She denied this insisting she painted life as she experienced it. Her personal life was tumultuous. Injured as a teenager, she suffered pain for the rest of her life. She married, divorced and remarried Diego Rivera. She is recognised as one of the greatest female artists of the 20th century.

Fiona Rose