Church Recording promotes the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage in places of worship by recording the contents of churches of all religions. Participating churches are presented with an illustrated book detailing each item and its history. Copies are also sent to national organisations (Church Archives, V&A Art Library, Heritage Archive)


CURRENT PROJECT – St Nicholas Church at Sholden

The first meeting of a group of volunteers took place on 10th June 2019.  John Blackwood spoke to the group to explain what the project would involve.  It will take two years to complete the work as it involves a detailed study with all the details being meticulously recorded. 

The first training day was held on 25th July when 9 volunteers gathered at St Nicholas Church spending a fascinating day examining and noting the memorials, wall tablets and various other artefacts.  At the moment the training is ongoing to enable the group to get to grips with various aspects of recording.  The actual process of recording will begin on 10th September.  The group of volunteers is now established and active.  They are meeting in the church once a fortnight to record the details of all the artefacts.

PAST PROJECT – St Nicholas Church at Ringwould

Church Recorders work in teams and our local team included members from our society and from the Arts Society Sandwich. The project involved undertaking and recording a detailed study of St Nicholas Church, Ringwould, a small church near Deal.  The completed record was presented to the church at a Sunday morning service. Further copies were sent to the Cathedral Archives, the Victoria and Albert Art Library, the Church authority and the Heritage Archive where the copies will be kept for  future reference.

The team present the record

The team present the record